Playing Blackjack – Free Play Online.

Is it really true that you can start playing blackjack for free online? It’s surprising that many people refuse to believe it; especially those who are aged or have not spent much time online. It’s easy to see why they would feel this way though.

Back in the day when someone wanted to play blackjack they had to book their plane tickets or drive cross country, check into a hotel and then head to the casino floor. It was expensive, it took time and you literally had to make it into a vacation to be able to play your favorite card game be it blackjack or any other. The only other option for a blackjack enthusiast was to gather a bunch of friends and hope that they all were interested in playing blackjack. This was again difficult as most people saw it merely as a casino game to be played against the dealer. When a bunch of people get together they are more likely to indulge in a game like poker which allows all players to participate simultaneously.

Playing blackjack online

Once the Internet became mainstream it did not take long for online casinos to emerge and prosper. Initially many people struggled to play online with ease as Internet connection speeds were deathly slow then however today in an age where we simply cannot imagine life without quality speed Internet, gambling online is easier than ever.

The best part about playing blackjack online is that you do not need to do anything out of the ordinary to get access. You need a PC (which everyone has nowadays) and a decent Internet connection. Using an online casino is just like using any other website. It takes a moment or two for one to get used to the interface and know where to click for what but after that it’s a real smooth journey. At times many online casinos have designed their own special software that you can download and play on without even having to log on to their actual site. Most however also provide the option of playing casino games via browsers which is great for those who don’t want to or can’t install (coz of admin restrictions) extra programs on their personal computers.

Playing mobile

Smartphones and tablets are dime a dozen nowadays and this is why online casino operators also provide gamblers a chance to play on their mobile devices. This has obvious advantages like being able to play on the go anytime and anywhere you want to. Could you have imagined being able to play blackjack for real money while lying on your couch?

Blackjack free play

The biggest advantage of online and mobile casinos however is the kind of mazing bonus offers they throw your way. One of the most popular offers is the free play offer where you can start playing at an online casino without making any initial deposit. Usually such offers allow you to play free for a set amount of time (say 30 minutes) or x amount of free hands (play 10 hands for free).


The great benefit of these offers is that any money you win will be yours as long as you make an actual money deposit afterwards. Needless to say that this is in no way a ‘free money for everyone’ scheme and is more of a marketing gimmick devised by the casinos to lure new players. For the players it works very well though as not only can they take a test drive through the casino and see if they would like to play there in the long run, they also increase their chances of earning more money by using the bonus offers.

Before you get going though it’s important to check the reputation of an online casino to safeguard your interests. This can be done by reading some reviews about the said online casino by searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo for instance. Once you are assured of their legitimacy, you can play there without any fear.

The ability to play blackjack online for free is a great thing for regular gamblers and when done smartly, can be a great mode of entertainment.